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Systra Trader's indicators and strategies are built to suit your custom trading needs. You can run and back-test strategies by simply using our own wizard, C# or Easylanguage. You can see alerts on the charts when conditions are met. Get inspiration from other developers by purchasing indicators from our indicator store, or benefit from the time you put into your custom indicators by selling your indicator in the store.

Your trading software shouldn't hold you back, which is why OEC Trader offers multiple order tickets from Depth of Market (DOM), Best Bid and Offer (BBO), Rapid, Turbo, Order Staging Module (OSM), Multi-bracket and basket orders. This allows the trader to pick their trading method and focus on their trading instead of being limited by the software.

Systra Trader helps you focus on trading by allowing you to customize your trading environment the way you want. Whether you have a particular trading style or certain asset classes you need to access, OEC Trader is here to help your trading experience.

You can also save and manage multiple layouts for different trading situations so the software works for you instead of dictating how you trade.

Get the most from your market visualizations! With so many advanced charting features you can trade and monitor your activity all from one charting window.

Different chart styles, dozens of indicators and unlimited amounts of custom alerts are just the beginning. The simple but powerful futures trading platform lets you discover new ways to "see" the market - and act on it.

Automate your trading by creating your own strategies and automatically executing them in simulated or live environments. You can even back-test your strategies to see how they performed in previous market conditions. AutoTrade supports C# and easy language programming languages.

Automating your risk management helps remove the emotional trauma and discretionary mistakes made during panic situations. If you wait to hit the panic button when adverse conditions arise, it can be too late.

Add confidence to your risk tolerance with smooth, customizable automation. Rule based execution can help protect you when the markets move against your positions.

Online Trading with Systra Trader

A futures trading platform backed by the service of Systra Asset Management.

Systra Trader is an easy to use electronic trading platform that handles all of the complexities associated with trading and order management. From streaming quotes to full communication with our trade desk, Systra Trader’s interface gives you instant access to our full suite of tools.

Work with a Systra Asset Management full-service futures broker, or trade on your own. With the Systra Trader trading platform, you’ll have a powerful trading tool supported by a team of professionals ready to assist you.

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Trading Platform

Do you have a preferred platform? Systra Financial supports a number of futures trading platforms including Ninja Trader, CQG, T-4 and many more. Additional information on other platforms and free demo options are available.

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Full Service

Your personal broker will help you create and manage your customized trading strategy, with the benefits of online trading.

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Managed Futures

Diversify your portfolio with futures and commodities, managed by a professional Commodity Trading Advisor.

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